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Welcome to Outdoor Blinds by Rapid Dawn

Outdoor blinds that are durable, waterproof, re-inforced flexible PVC and/or Ripstop Canvas in a complete range of colours, measured and designed to your specifications. It includes a wind stability and securing system in the base, and a versatile zip and/or Velcro panel on the sides to keep out the elements.

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Facts about our outdoor blinds


  • Composition 17% Polyester / 83% Vinyl / Width: 320cm.
  • Openness factor: Approx. 5% / UV Blockage: Approx 95%.

Max All Clear

  • These outdoor blinds offer the clients plently of light and visibility.
  • This has become an extremely popular request and can be used in patio’s and lapa’s.

Outdoor all weather waterproof blinds

  •  we offer RIPSTOP, PVC and imported ACRYLIC CANVAS
  • a product to suit every budget
  • All of the above options are 100% waterproof!

Gearbox Mechanism

  • A gearbox and crank system is an alternative method to a rope system.
  • The cost of this system is slightly higher, but offers a rope free system (further explanation is done on site).

Window Covers

  • A window cover is an option for the clients who have a sun or privacy problem.
  • The cover rolls down independently from the outdoor blind over the clear PVC section on either the outside or inside.

The Top Cover Flaps / Panels

  • The top cover flap is produced to prolong the life of the outdoor blind and keep it clean when rolled up and not in use.
  • It is not compulsary but advisable, especially if your outdoor blinds are installed on the “outside” of your structure.

Securing System

  • The base of the outdoor blinds has to be secured to the floor or the wall with a “rope and cleat” or “chain and clip” system.
  • This helps to prevent the outdoor blinds from moving in the wind.

Wedge Awnings over Doorways

  • An awning can not only enhance your home, but serves as a barrier for either the sun or rain.
  • A retractable awning controlled with a crank handle a gearbox is an alternative solution especially if you require shade immediately

Gauze Netting

  • This option is becoming extremely popular as you can still see through the gauze and the gauze is re-enforced so the life is longer than the clear P.V.C.
  • This purpose is to stop bugs at night, but still allow a flow of air especially on warm summer nights – this option is extremely popular as a D.I.Y kit for Mozambique homes.
  • Samples will be brought on site when quoting.

What our clients have to say about us...

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Mission Statement

We aim to produce quality outdoor blinds for our clients by controlling costs and increasing efficiency both in the workplace and on-site! We aim to uphold our promise and guarantees and offer the backup service that our clients expect and have come a custom to. We aim to service and supply our new and potential clients as promptly and efficiently as possible, keeping them informed on the project from start to finish. We will train and develop those who are willing and provide a pleasant and safe working environment to all our staff members.
Our motto: “Quality and service at an affordable price”.

Contact us

The face behind outdoor Blinds…

I’ve been in the business for over 20 years, starting my own company in 2001.

After firstly employing representatives to go out and quote while I managed the manufacturing side, I made the decision to change that and to rather be the face of my company.

In doing that I have had the privilege of meeting and quoting each and every client that has had blinds installed by my company.

I personally believe that the personal interaction I’ve had with my clients over the years, has brought them back. From moving to new homes, upgrading to newer products and referring me to their friends and family.

My kids often ask if I get bored doing the same thing everyday; each new day brings an opportunity to meet new people, every prospective client has a new story and a different need.
Each and every new enquiry is a challenge to me to convert to a happy client, so no, I am never bored…

In a market that is constantly changing with new products and an economy that is constantly challenging business owners, we have managed to forge ahead and grow from strength to strength and I look forward to meeting you!


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